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About Dovetail

Dovetail is a Brooklyn-based independent publisher. Founded in 2016, Dovetail pairs impactful books with original products across multiple topics and categories. We embrace a new publishing model that produces contextual commerce for the real world on an accelerated timeline that matches the velocity of today’s consumer trends.


Books with Products

Our books and products can each be sold independently, but also complement one another and accelerate sell-through when successfully paired in a retail environment.


Speed to Market

Leveraging streamlined teams of in-house designers, photographers and content creators, Dovetail is able to produce books and associated products quickly—in months rather than years—in order to respond to and stay ahead of consumer and retail trends.


Focused Portfolio

Dovetail carefully selects a limited number of projects each season based on consumer trends, market analysis and retailer demands.


Enriched Retailer Partnership

Our focused seasonal offering allows broader retailer and partner collaboration to create and deliver books and products that support brand and assortment initiatives.